In ancient times, and still today in certain indigenous & earth-based communities …

Human beings placed Life at the center.

When all decisions & actions are made to uphold the continuance of Life as the top priority ...

This means that the feminine is naturally held sacred, because she is the one through whom new life emerges.

Today in our modern society, we are especially in need of the feminine fire –

The force of creation at the center of our wombs and the center of the universe –

As the key for overcoming the chronic dis-ease, war & conflict, consumerism, and rampant mistreatment of women, children, minorities, all living beings, and the Earth – Which we are witnessing today on a widespread scale. 

We need to reinstate the principle of the continuance of Life as the top priority.

In order to access the fierce creative force of the feminine fire, all of us (both women and men) must restore the feminine ways of being and knowing, both personally and collectively.

These are the truths that our ancestors held sacred for hundreds of thousands of years, since the dawn of humanity.

These truths are still available to us today, and in The Fierceness of the Mother global event, we will reveal the feminine ways of knowing through many different angles & perspectives, creating a clearer way forward for all. 


During The Fierceness of the Mother global event, 14 speakers (7 women and 7 men) will speak about what the Feminine means to them.

Through exploring & excavating these topics, we will together experience & integrate profound ways to re-establish the ancient reciprocal connection …

And re-prioritize Life – Within ourselves, among our fellow humans, for the animals & plants, in alignment with the Spirit world, and for the future of our beautiful Earth. 

When we do this, we can heal ourselves in alignment with the guidance of the Sacred Feminine and the Great Mother.

And when we heal ourselves, we will each become an unstoppable force, empowered & ready to take action for a bright & vibrant future for the next 7 generations … and beyond.

Join us for this interactive global conversation!

You’re invited to attend completely free all week, and to ask the speakers your own questions during the live audience Q&A.

If you’re unable to attend at the times of the LIVE broadcast, don’t worry, a recording of each talk will be sent to you.

Here are our brilliant speakers:

Here are just a few of the topics our speakers will cover:

Clare Dubois

Woman Unleashed - The Undeniable Magnificence of SHE

John Perkins

Touching the Jaguar

L.R. Heartsong

Evolutionary Gaia: Awakening and Healing

Aurora Farber

Dancing In The Mystery: Activate Your Divine Feminine Archetypes With The Lunar Cycle

Dr. John Ryan

The Sacred Mother: Cosmic Portal, Nurturer of Fragile Beauty, and Guardian of the Emerging World

Susannah Darling Khan

The Radical Dance of Balance: from War to Peace

Theresa Pridemore

Sacred Archetypes to Cultivate "Power from Within"

Ilarion Merculieff

An Indigenous View of the Sacred Feminine

Allecia Evans

The Fine Line Between Anger & Fierce: What the Animal Matriarchs Want to Tell Us

Brooke Medicine Eagle

The Great Mother: Taking A Stand


The Visionary Caregiver: Harnessing the July Eclipses & Embodying the Great Mother Archetype

Kedar Brown

The Road Ahead & The Indigenous Heart

Maleda Gebremedhin

Great Mother Planetary Healing: Re-incarnating the Soul of Humanity Through the Wombs of Women

Tamarack Song

Returning to the Original Healer — Our Benevolent Earth Mother


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